Greg Fallin

A son of Feed Products & Service Company’s founder, Greg Fallin learned about customer focus as a youngster working in the phosphate plant in Granite City, Illinois, a short distance from the Mississippi River. He joined the company full time in 1980 with a degree in agricultural economics and opportunities to position FP&S as a one-stop supplier of essential animal feed ingredients.

The phosphate-based product line has expanded to include other macro minerals and amino acids. Along with broadening the product line, Feed Products has built expertise in worldwide sourcing as well as material handling, shipping and storing. The result is today’s comprehensive product availability and superior distribution network across roads, rails and rivers.

“We take a proactive approach at Feed Products. Our strategy always starts with understanding what drives our customers’ business needs. That is how we have stayed on a first-name basis with them while we grew the company into a major supplier and distributor. As a result, we have become an even better partner for customers because now we can deliver convenient, single-provider access to worldwide sourcing. That old adage of big enough to serve you, small enough to know you – we live it every day.”