At Feed Products, customers talk with knowledgeable feed industry experts who also understand delivery systems and keep up to date on current conditions. This combination of skills provides customers with highly dependable service. Just as our company operates at the intersection of global sourcing and local delivery, our home office staff mixes understanding of customer needs with product knowledge and familiarity with our warehouse and distribution network. We know where to get quality feed ingredients at competitive prices, and we know how to get them to customers on time.


Greg Fallin
President & CEO
Jim Reich
Chief Financial Officer
Mark Allgeier
General Manager
Gregory Fallin
Director of Sales
Cathy Lowry
Transportation Manager
Karen Knott
Office Manager

Home Office

Andrew Widowski
Andrew Widowski
Account Representative
Robyn Johnson
Account Representative
Michael Allgeier
Customer Service Specialist
Terri Ackerman
Logistics Coordinator
Keith Koenigsfeld
Logistics Coordinator
Terry Jubirt
Accounting Coordinator
Sharon Dickens
Accounting Coordinator

Madison, Illinois

John Roessler
Matthew Burns
Warehouse Manager
Raelyn Clinton
Scale Clerk