Photo of Founder Earl Fallin

A legacy of innovation and service

Feed Products has a long history of personal service and superior feed products.

Our decades-long relationships with many customers started with Earl Fallin in 1945 when he founded the company with a patented process for producing dicalcium feed phosphate.

Raised on a dairy farm and educated with a master’s degree in both chemical and mechanical engineering, Earl had a unique perspective on the potential for improving animal nutrition by adding minerals and other nutrients to their feed.

As an animal nutritionist with one of the leading farmers’ cooperatives in the midwest, Mr. Fallin zeroed in on the vital role played by calcium phosphate. Further work led to his patent for dicalcium phosphate, a staple product in the animal feed industry.

Mr. Fallin’s pioneering efforts caught the attention of a leading phosphate production company and laid the foundation of a partnership to manufacture PURA-PHOS, his branded product. As its champion and as a sales representative for other phosphate products, Mr. Fallin came to be known as “Mr. Phosphate” over the course of his distinguished career.

Within two decades of patenting PURA-PHOS, Mr. Fallin had expanded FeedProducts and its Granite City, Illinois, pilot plant into a nationally recognized mineral supply, technical sales and marketing company.

In 1980, Earl’s eldest son Greg Fallin joined the company full-time. His familiarity with the family business and training in agricultural economics accelerated Feed Product's’ growth as it added complementary minerals, buffers and amino acids to the product line and launched global sourcing initiatives.

Today a third generation continues the legacy.