Sourcing & supplying the ingredients our customers need

packaging-ureaOur product range, global reach and world-class service set us apart as a single source supplier for leading animal feed producers. Our vendor relationships span 20, 50 and even 60 years, and are key to our customers’ assurance that they will have access to the ingredients they need when they need them, at the best available price. These strengths have made Feed Products a valued partner for a broad range of participants in the feed products industry, including major animal feed producers, local feed stores, large livestock farms and companion animal food companies.

The individual properties of minerals and nutrients blended into feed products require unique handling processes. FP&S has all the tools to match those properties. From automated packaging to a full complement of screens, we ensure that customers’ quality and consistency requirements are met.

The result is an efficient material handling system that enhances our ability to deliver high-quality ingredients that meet specifications for nutrition and physical properties.

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Magnesium Oxide
Amino Acids
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