Feed Products completes Phase VI expansion

ST. LOUIS, MO – FPS recently completed a state of the art packaging line continuing our effort to support animal agriculture and follow through on our commitment to technology and environmental awareness.

Today FPS operates a fully automated robotic bagging plant. FPS along with Manufacturing Solutions, PASCO, and Hamer have engineered the fastest and most accurate feed ingredient packaging line in the business.

FPS can bag product direct from rail or through any four 125-ton overhead storage bins. This allows the company to bring product from around the world into New Orleans, up the river to St. Louis, and directly into a custom, environmentally sound package.

FPS has the capability of bagging off 4-5 rail cars per day, or multiple barge load quantities per week.

Currently FPS bags sodium bicarbonate, potassium carbonate, feed phosphate, urea, magnesium oxide, and potassium chloride.

Another first by FPS, this system also is designed to accept container loads of floor stacked pre-bagged product, particularly L-lysine and threonine. Through a series of conveyors and a custom portal, product is manually picked up and deposited onto a chute and from there it is fully automated, giving the finished pallet a perfectly blocked appearance. Containers are “live unloaded” saving in drop charges, fuel etc. “These pallets look every bit as nice as domestic lysine stacks of ADM and anjinomoto,” our customers have told us.

Bagged product is stored on site in the new previously completed 40,000-square-foot warehouse. Plans call for a 4-acre expansion for outside storage of custom packaged ice melt products.

Click below for a short video of the process.